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Devices for measuring and positioning, recording and regulating form an essential part of a system for the automation of industrial processes. Here you will find a full range of innovative process instruments.

You benefit from our experience from projects which we have implemented successfully in cooperation with our customers worldwide.

1.0 Pressure Measurement

1.1 Pressure DS III
The SITRANS P Series DSIII is a precision digital transmitter for pressure, absolute pressure, differential pressure, flow and level and has extensive diagnostics and simulation functions.
1.2 Pressure Z Series
The SITRANS P, series Z is a compact single range transmitter for measuring absolute and relative pressure.

1.3 Pressure MPS
The SITRANS P MS is a low-cost pressure transmitter with HART-Kommunikation.
Just like the high-end version SITRANS P DS III, it is compatible with SIMATIC PDM and can thus be integrated into the SIMATIC PCS7 process cotrol system.

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