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Devices for measuring and positioning, recording and regulating form an essential part of a system for the automation of industrial processes. Here you will find a full range of innovative process instruments.

You benefit from our experience from projects which we have implemented successfully in cooperation with our customers worldwide.

2.0 Electromagnetic Flowmeter

2.1 Mag 5100W
The Mag 5100 W with its patented composite elastomer lining is suitable for all water applications. All you need to do is specify your pipe size and pressure rating - and we supply the rest.
2.2 Mag 3100W
The MAGFLO3100W (DN 25 - DN 2000) comes with either Neoprene or EPDM linings and AISI 3I 6 Ti electrodes and is designed for you who demand exceptional performance.

2.3 Mag 3100Ex
The MAGFLO 3100 series with its flexibility in the choice of linings, electrodes and flange materials allows the measurement of even the most extreme process media.
2.4 Mag 8000
MAG 8000 is an affordable battery driven solution that gives you the flexibility to install a reliable water meter virtually anywhere without sacrificing accuracy or performance. No mains power is required.

2.5 Magflow 5000/6000
Choose MAG 5000/6000 for more demanding applications where you need the benefits of highly functional, accurate performance.
  • Superior signal resolution for optimum turn down ration
  • Comprehensive self-diagnostic, for error indication and logging
  • Multi-lingual display and keypad interface
  • Custody transfer approval: PTB, OIML R75, OIML R117 and OIML R49
2.6 Sonoflow
SONOFLO ultrasonic flowmeters, our commitment to continuous innovation, today's SONOFLO ultrasonic flowmeters deliver greater accuracy, simple operation as well as rugged reliability for a wide range of process conditions including district heating, water and treated wastewater and petro-chemical processes.

SONOFLO ultrasonic flowmeters don't only make a measureable difference in accuracy for a variety of industrial processes and pipe sizes. They will make a measurable improvement to your bottom line.

2.7 Sonokit
SONOKIT offers a simple, accurate alternative to traditional flowmeters. This practical "mounting kit" contains everything you need to install a flowmeter with the help of a few ordinary tools.

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